Performance "53" Pipeline Inc.

We have the welders, the equipment, the expertise and the certifications.
We will “Perform” for you.

Welding Services
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Who is Performance "53"

Performance "53" Pipeline is ready to "PERFORM" the following types of welding services:

:: Process Piping :: Pipeline :: Natural Gas :: Gasoline Sale Lines
:: Water Service Lines :: Hot Taps :: Mechanical Piping
:: Structure Steel Fabrication :: Wet Taps

Our welders hold the following cert qualifications:

:: A.S.M.E. B31.1, B31.3 :: A.P.I. 1104 :: A.W.S. D 1.1 :: Section IX Process

As well as, qualifications to weld on carbon or alloy steels, S.M.A.W. (Stick Rod) or G.T.A.W. (Heli-Arc)

Our Welding Rigs are completely portable with all consumables on board, such as gasoline, welding rod, oxygen, acetylene, grinders and any other items needed. This allows us to expertly “Perform” the tasks of welding and fitting for your job needs at any location. You can have confidence in your bids knowing that our company is licensed, bonded and insured for your assurance.

Facilities Maintenance and Repair projects for new or replacement of mechanical piping, chillers, cooling towers, pumps, air handlers, boilers, and air scrubbers.

Process piping installations including, ferrous and non-ferrous piping installations for air, chemicals, chilled water, DI water, gas, nitrogen, oxygen, petroleum, vacuum lines, steam lines, including hot tapping and pipe services.

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