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We provide welding services to a wide-range of customers, like water reclaimation plants, The Phoenix light rail transit system, The Coyotes Arena, Fort McDowell Casino/Radisson Resort, industrial companies, government buildings and construction firms.  We always strive for excellence in providing the highest standards of quality workmanship and materials for all types and sizes of projects to meet all of our customer requirements.

We are proud of our well-earned reputation within the industry and we intend to continue building a foundation of satisfied customers by quickly responding to our customers needs. We are very flexible in performing job tasks according to the schedule needs of our clients to minimize downtime.  Our philosophy is to create and retain highly satisfied customers, which in turn will provide us with happy repeat business, as well as new client referrals.

In terms of quality, we represent the best overall workmanship for pipe welding for all your projects.  A proverb we like to share with our clients regarding a service provided is;

"Always hire the best pipe welding contractor the first time,
that way you only have to cry once about your money."

This speaks volumes when dealing with projects that have exceeded budget and deadlines because of a lower bid was accepted from an inexperienced or non-licensed welding contractor. Our professional reputation speaks for itself, our customers are always appreciative and impressed with our responsive service and quality work.

We recently removed our extensive client list due to lower-end competitors soliciting from our client list.   If you would like to see our list of the good people that we have "Performed" for, just Email us at and we will be happy to send it out to you.

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